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Treco Offers Kalorina-E 2400 Biomass Boilers

Treco supplies biomass equipment from different manufacturers. The Tatano biomass boilers offered by the company are available in different models. The Kalorina/E 2400 boiler is a hot air machine suitable for commercial applications. It burns wood pellets, logs and cereals. This hot air machine is equipped with a fan that blows air through a heat exchanger and then through vents at the top of the machine. The ducting system available from Treco can be fixed to circulate the air and distribute the heat evenly.

Kalorina/E 2400 Biomass Boiler

The Kalorina/E 2400 biomass boiler has a boiler output power from 45 to 90kW. It uses wood pellets, oats, barley and non-wood biomass pellets as an auto feed fuel and logs as manual feed fuel. There is a fuel hopper incorporated with this boiler for storing fuel. Depending on the boilers, the fuel feed mechanism will vary. This E 2400 pellet boiler is available in the following models: K2404/E, K2406/E and K2408/E. The K2404/E boiler has a firebox potential of 46,000Kcal//h and a nominal potential of 40,000Kcal/h.

The K2404/E biomass boiler is available in 1,490 x 1,275 x 1,700 x 1,350mm dimensions. Its air capacity is 3000Mc/h. For installing this boiler a minimum space of 1,490 x 1,350mm is required. This pellet boiler offered by Treco is equipped with a control panel that has LEDs and buttons for controlling the machine. The LEDs display individually the status of the combustion fan, auger, hot air blower, boiler, autotimer and when the boiler is in manual function.


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