Xantrex 6000W Off-Grid Solar Systems from Sun Electronics

Sun Electronics supplies a wide range of solar powered systems including solar panels, solar power systems, inverters, batteries and battery chargers. It offers different types of solar power systems such as grid-tie systems, grid-tie systems with battery backup and off-grid systems. The Xantrex 6000W off-grid solar system is a complete off-grid solution. It includes various components including solar panels, inverter, charge controller, battery cables, inverter cables, E-panel for mounting under XW inverter, XW system control panel II, Delta LA602DC lighting arrestor, grounding clips, end clamps, and two-rail solar mount kit.

Xantrex 6000W Off-Grid Solar System

The ES-A-195 panels are string ribbon models made from wafer technology. These modules provide 0% to 5% output and have 195W, 10.96Imp and 17.8Vp capacities. The XW 6048 inverter in Sun Electronics’ off-grid solar system supplies continuous output power of 6000W and surge rate of 12,000W. It is a true sine wave inverter with a 95% low-load efficiency, 120/240VAC split phase voltage and 60-A two pole input breaker. The FW-PV-12 combiner box, made of powder-coated aluminum, includes an enclosure, one terminal bus bar, dual combining bus bars, one AWG ground lug, two AWG set-screw compression type box lug, pole mount, breakers up to 12 150VDC, fuse holders up to 8 600VDC, and input terminal breaker up to 150VDC.

The Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) provides maximum power available from the PV array to the battery bank. The Xantrex 6000W off-grid solar power system incorporates two packs of 20 F style end clamps and two packs of 20 F style mid clamps for joining ES-A-Series modules. The La602DC lightning arrestor guards the system from lightning strikes. The grounding clips are utilized for mounting clamps.

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