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PHYDADES Biomass Project Established by ETA-Florence Renewable Energies

ETA-Florence Renewable Energies has established a range of biomass projects such as PHYDADES, BEST, PROPELLETS, PELLETS FOR EUROPE and PROCURA. The expanded title of the PHYDADES project is Phyllis Database Dissemination, Education and Standardisation. The main aim of this project is to impart reliable information regarding the biomass market, more specifically about biofuels and ashes.

The information is imparted through a public database known as Biodat, which has been developed by amalgamating the Phyllis database and inputs from other European enterprises. This database consists of all the information regarding biomass products as well as links to other reliable sources. This database is available online and can be accessed by one and all. As part of the educational objective of this project, a number of workshops will be conducted in various regions such as Poland, Romania, Spain and Estonia. The PHYDADES project also offers training and education to personnel working in biomass and biofuel laboratories.

Some of the partners of the PHYDADES project include the Energy Research Centre of the Netherlands, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Association of Research and Industrial Cooperation of Andalusia and ENAS Oy. The project is to last for a total of 36 months.


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