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St. Croix Corn + Pellet Stoves Offers Auburn Corn Stoves

St. Croix Corn & Pellet Stoves manufactures different kinds of corn stoves including the Auburn. This biomass stove features advanced corn stove technology. The corn stove has a door made of cast iron with three different finishes, namely, gold, nickel and black. The corn burning stove incorporates a corn clinker removal system that eliminates stirring and helps continuous burning.

Auburn Corn Stove

The corn clinker removal system facilitates removal of fuel expended clinkers even while the stove is in operation. The Auburn corn stove is equipped with a digital stove control panel that includes various features such as touch control, thermostat option, five heat settings, SmartStart, power on and off, and manual auger feed button. The digital control panel also offers selection between thermostat and manual modes. The top loaded fuel hopper of the stove enables easy filling.

The Auburn corn stove is designed with a self cleaning grate called VersaGrate. The grate drops the residual ash into the ash drawer. The ash drawers are easily accessible from the front of the stove. The corn stove, offered by St. Croix Corn & Pellet Stoves, can be used with fuels such as wheat, wood pellets and rye, besides corn. The corn stove is also available with different optional features such as built-in tube scraper, large ceramic glass, pellet conversion kit, and heat exchanger made of stainless steel.


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