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SAFG20 Solar Attic Gable Fans from 3R Green Building Solutions

3R Green Building Solutions supplies a range of solar hot water systems, solar energy systems, skylights and solar attic fans for residential applications. It supplies three models of solar attic fans, namely 10W attic gable fan, 20W attic gable fan and 20W curb mount attic fan. These attic fans are manufactured by Natural Light. The SAFG20 20W solar attic gable fan requires no electrician or electrical wiring and can be easily installed.

SAFG20 Solar Attic Gable Fan

The SAFG20 solar attic gable fan can provide ventilation up to 1,800sq.ft by operating up to 1275cfms. When this fan is properly installed, it can cool the roof, minimize the loads on air conditioning systems and increase the roof life. This solar attic fan increases the circulation of fresh air and reduces the vapor build up caused by activities such as cooking and showering. The SAFG20 kit includes a gable fan, solar panel, caulk, 15ft power cable adapter, two L-Brackets, four anchors, four machine screws, four self-trapping screws and 14 wood screws.

The Natural Light solar attic gable fan is equipped with an angled throat inside the flashing to provide venturi effect for efficient airflow. A remote solar panel can be used for attic fans installed in places with less sunshine. The remote solar panel having 20W output can be installed in a sunny area away from the attic fan. The solar panel captures maximum sunlight to make the attic fan perform efficiently. This solar attic gable fan from 3R Green Building Solutions is made of 14 gauge aluminum. Its animal protection screen is made of stainless steel, and it is powder coated to stand against any weather conditions.


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