TrendSetter Drainback Active Solar Water Heater Systems from Solar Direct

Solar Direct provides three types of solar water heating systems designed to operate in warm, moderate and cold climates. They are Progressive tube, Helio-Pak and Trendsetter. The TrendSetter solar water heating system for cold climate is suitable for heavy-duty commercial and residential applications. It incorporates evacuated tube collectors for its efficient service.

TrendSetter Drainback Active Solar Water Heater System

This TrendSetter water heating system is a drain-back freeze protected system, which drains out water from the collectors whenever the solar pump is turned off leaving behind no water to freeze. This solar water heating system can be customized to function as a closed loop system by filling it with non-toxic polypropylene glycol. The TrendSetter drainback active solar water heater system is constructed to keep away from relying on components and freeze valves that can malfunction.

Drainback active solar water heater system provided by Solar Direct requires minimum spare parts, low maintenance and no fuel. It is an apt system for mains pressure having less than 800kPa. This water heating system requires slow water circulation of 0.1l/tube/min. It has a capacity to operate in all parallel using feed and return lines. The complete system of the TrendSetter include evacuated tube collectors, water storage tank with non-pressurized insulation, heat exchanger, solar pump, solar controller, and tempering valve, which is used as a safety device to cool the hot water. The TS-300-5-30-PC model has an actual capacity of 290 gallons and a nominal capacity of 300 gallons. The TrendSetter is suitable for radiant floor heating, snow melting, portable water, commercial heating applications, restaurants, industrial heating, schools, public showers/kitchens, and caravan parks.

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