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SunPower 225 Solar Panels from Clean Energy USA

Clean Energy USA is a renewable energy company specialized in supplying solar panels and wind turbines. The solar panels, supplied by the company, are manufactured by SunPower and GE Energy. They are available in the following models: SunPower 210 Black, SunPower 215 White, SunPower 225 Black, SunPower 230 White, SunPower 305 commercial panel and GE200 Watt.

SunPower 225 Solar Panel

The SunPower 225 solar panel is made of 72 back-contact solar cells along with a black backsheet. The ability to perform at low-light and the reduced voltage-temperature coefficient provide higher energy compared to conventional panels. The SunPower 225 panel has a higher efficiency of 18.1% and 4.5kWs. It is designed with a tempered front glass and a strong anodized frame to enable the solar panel to function reliably in varied mounting configuration.

The SunPower 225 solar panel has a peak power of 225W. Its rated voltage is 42.0V and rated current is 5.49A. The maximum system voltage of this photovoltaic module is 600V and 1000V. The fuse rating is 20A and the peak power per unit area is 181W/m2. The solar panel, from Clean Energy USA, has an open circuit voltage of 48.5V and a short circuit current of 5.87A, and its CEC PTC rating is 207.1W. The SunPower 225 solar panel is made of monocrystalline solar cells and its front glass is tempered and available in 3.2mm size. Its junction box contains three bypass diodes and is IP-65 rated. The output cables of the panel are multi-contact connectors that has a length of 900mm. The solar panel frame is made of anodized aluminum. The panel weighs up to 15kg.


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