Corona Solar Collectors from Solene Solar Hot Water Systems

Solene Solar Hot Water Systems provides the Corona solar collector that features advanced technology. The solar collector is compatible with all models of solar hot water systems and is suitable for any climatic conditions. The components of the thermal collector include an absorber plate, solar glass glazing, back plate, aluminum casing, aluminum foil and gaskets.

The absorber plate of the Corona solar collector includes copper fins and risers that are ultrasonically welded together. This enhances the thermal transfer between the risers and fins. With a coating of black chrome on nickel, this absorber plate features a high quality selective surface. The absorbability of the absorber plate is 0.95. The solar collector features a 1/8-inch thick solar glass glazing in the front that is tempered and patterned. This single pane solar glass contains 0.03 per cent iron oxide. The Corona solar collector’s back plate is made from fiberglass.

The insulation for the solar collector is provided by the 1 3/16-inch polyurethane foam cast placed around the side as well as under the absorber plate. The DFC free insulation retains the water heat in the collector itself. The insulation is attached to aluminum foils to provide protection against out gassing. The Corona solar collector also features aluminum extrusion casings. With an extruded profile of the aluminum case, the collector can be easily anchored either to the roof or solar collector stands. The solar collector, offered by Solene Solar Hot Water Systems, is features EPDM gaskets all around it for resistance against UV radiation and varied temperatures.


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