Global Sun Ovens Supplied by Hotwire Enterprises

Hotwire Enterprises provides solar ovens. The Global Sun oven cooks food using solar energy and can be used in places such as shores, homes and decks. This solar oven is a standard sized oven that is available with black enamel cooking pot, stand, case and reflectors. The cooking pot of the Global Sun oven has a lid attached to it. This eco-friendly oven is designed for less developed countries to minimize the usage of wood fuel. The Global Sun oven can be used for cooking, steaming, boiling and baking food.

Global Sun Ovens

The solar oven provided by Hotwire Enterprises operates in cooking temperatures ranging from 360 degree Fahrenheit to 400 degree Fahrenheit. The Global Sun oven does not allow movement of air, which helps to maintain the flavor, moisture and texture of food. With an even temperature, the solar oven also eliminates the need for stirring, while the food is being cooked. It also prevents burning of the food while cooking.

The temperature of the oven raises slowly that result in slow breakdown of complex carbohydrates. This slow carbohydrate breakdown emanates different flavors. An even temperature is maintained in the Global Sun oven. The food can be cooked in solar oven by slow cooking method or by exposing the oven to sun every 25 to 30 minutes similar to cooking food in conventional stoves.


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