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Solar Pool Panels from Sun Ray Solar Products

Sun Ray Solar Products manufactures copper pool panels that have high heat conductivity and heat transfer capabilities. The Sun Ray copper panels can withstand high pressure as well as resist fire and high stagnation temperature. These pool panels do not get punctured and an additional benefit is that the copper does not break down even after prolonged exposure in the sunlight. The parts of the pool panels that come into contact with the water directly are all made of copper.

Solar Pool Panels

The copper pool panels, offered by Sun Ray Solar Products, comprise many roll formed fin tubes made of copper aluminum. These fin tubes are placed apart with a space of 4 1/4 inches or less. The copper aluminum fin tubes are brazed to copper headers that are 1 1/2 inches in size. The absorbing fin sections are attached around a 1/2 inch copper flow tubing that is OD seamless. To get the maximum heat transfer, these absorbing fin sections are crimped on their horizontal axes. The thickness of the absorbing fin is 0.012 inch pre-painted aluminum.

The Sun Ray solar pool panels are coated with black color. The copper used for these panels are etched, washed, backed and painted to provide an aesthetic look and efficiency. These copper pool panels are placed overlapping each other during installation. The solar pool panels have the ability to withstand a maximum stagnation temperature of 250 degree Fahrenheit.


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