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H2Station™ Fueling Station Modules

Nel’s Fueling Station Modules represent the next generation in hydrogen fueling for fuel cell cars, buses, trucks and trains. They offer fast fueling with the world’s most compact footprint. Their design is based on years of R&D and operational experience, and is renowned for providing high fueling reliability. They feature the world’s first dedicated hydrogen compressor, the most efficient and contamination free hydrogen compressor on the market today.


  • Daily capacity of up to 2,000 kg/day
  • Maximum capacity of 240 kg/h
  • Compact footprint of only 7.3 m2
  • Multiple dispenser connection options for fueling of cars, heavy duty vehicles and forklifts
  • Proprietary and high capacity cooling technology for -40 °C 70 MPa fast fueling of cars
  • Advanced control system for safe, fast and complete fueling in accordance with SAE J2601-1 v2016
  • Reliable and non-contaminating hydrogen compression with high capacity and efficiency
  • Connects to separate Supply Storage module and Fueling Storage module 
  • Galvanized steel construction for resistance to corrosion


Source: Nel Hydrogen

Station Types SM 2-Stage EU SM 2-Stage KR LP Duplex HP Duplex
Maximum Capacity 66 kg/[email protected] Mpa 66 kg/[email protected] Mpa 240 kg/[email protected] Mpa 120 kg/[email protected] Mpa
Dispenser Connections 2 (one of each below) 1 3 3
Dispenser Options 70 MPa 35 MPa 70 MPa 35 MPa 70 MPa 35 MPa
Inlet Pressure: 3 – 45 MPa, up to 22 MPa direct use on compressor 3 – 45 MPa 10 – 50 MPa
Operating Pressure: Maximum: 100 MPa Maximum: 56 MPa Maximum: 100 MPa
Operating Temperature -20 °C to +40 °C (optimal performance up to +35 °C)
Scope and Interface Turnkey module ready for connection to external Storage modules
Supply Methods On-site Production Delivery SWAP trailer On-site Production SWAP trailer On-site Production SWAP trailer On-site Production Delivery
Dimensions L: 3.300 mm W: 2.200 mm H: 3.500 mm
Approval and Certification CE KGS CE UL

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