InDaX 225 Solar Roof Modular System from SCHOTT Solar

SCHOTT Solar offers the InDaX 225 solar roof modular system. This modular system includes a specially developed frame for increased module aeration and drainage to prevent condensation.

The toughened glass utilized in the module withstands all types of weather conditions including hail snow and high winds. This solar module incorporates 60 numbers multicrystalline solar cells per module and each square cell measures 156 mm x 156 mm.

InDaX 225 Solar Roof Modular System

This module incorporates an IP65 junction box measuring 110 mm x 115mm x 25 mm with three bypass diodes and an IP67 Tyco connector. The front panel of this module is made of low iron solar glass measuring 4.0 mm in thickness and use a foil type back side panel. The frame material utilized in the module is made of black colored anodized aluminum. The InDaX 225 module offered by SCHOTT Solar has a length x breadth x thickness dimension of 1769 mm x 999 mm x 75 mm and weighs 24 kg. Low system weight, minimum number of parts and ease of assembling makes the installation of this module convenient and quick. The usage of separate rain gutters between the modules permits easy correction of roof abnormalities.

Under standard test conditions the InDaX 225 offers a nominal power of 225 W, a voltage of 29.8 V, a current of 7.55 A, an open current voltage of 36.7 V, and a short circuit current of 8.24 A. This solar module meets the necessary permission and certification requirements.


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