Nextronex Energy Systems Offers 1000 V Inverter with Increased Warranty

Nextronex Energy Systems, a Northwest Ohio based company engaged in the manufacture and sales of the Ray-Max Energy Maximization System and Ray-Max 150 Solar Inverter, has announced the introduction of its first 1000 V inverter.

This inverter is the first UL1741-certified inverter manufactured in USA to reach the 1000 V DC capacity, which allows enhanced effectiveness and cutback in the costs of copper used.

The Ray-Max Energy Maximization System made up of the new inverter is essentially an all-incorporated solar inverter and wiring system designed to ease the intricacy of field wiring. This distributed control integrated in the system heightens the energy productivity of the inverters. For the intention of eradicating the series fusing problem, the Ray-Max Energy Maximization System offers a centrally situated DC buss with inbuilt row boxes. The on and off operations of the inverters coupled to the DC BUSS are managed by a master control.

As per the statement of Chief technology officer of Nextronex, Peter Gerhardinger, the new Nextronex Ray-Max system furnishes advanced data collection feature, provides analysis and coverage details on each row of a solar array used. The product also increases the yearly energy output up to 8%.

He added that the systematic solar array design arrangement in the newly offered Ray-Max Energy System makes efficient use of the provided inverters and enables them to offer up to 20 years guarantee for the product.


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