Organic Beer and Green Lawn Mowers

Neuton Power Equipment has joined forces with Wolaver's Certified Organic Ales to promote all-around ecologically-responsible living. The two Vermont-based pioneers in the fight for the environment are teaming up for a series of in-store promotions and an online contest in which lucky winners will take home new Neuton battery-powered lawn mowers.

“When Wolaver's first contacted us, our first reaction was beer and lawn mowers? Then we got excited about the idea of our mowers hanging from the ceilings of high-quality grocery and organic foods stores,” commented Ned Van Woert, President of Neuton Power Equipment. “Of course we're not suggesting that the two products go together – and they shouldn't – but these two market-leading, environmentally conscious Vermont brands couldn't be more aligned."

Promotion of the contest is explained in six-packs of Wolavers beer, and contestants can register online at to win a free Neuton battery-powered mower. Neuton is also offering Wolaver’s customers $50 off a purchased Neuton. Coupons come with a six-pack of Wolavers Organic Ale.

An instant hit since its 2003 launch and now the nation’s #1 selling battery-powered lawn mower, the Neuton is available in 14 and 19 inch models. The mower includes push-button start and easily adjustable cut levels. The sleek machines produce virtually no greenhouse gas pollution and charge on 10 cents worth of electricity, while also being the quietest rotary mowers available.

The first and oldest certified organic beer brewers in the country, Wolaver’s is committed to producing the best beer using the finest organic malts, hops, special house yeast, and pure Vermont water. The company’s environmentally conscious waste conservation, energy efficient production methods and use of local and recycled materials make Wolaver’s a favorite among Earth-lovers everywhere.

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