ev90 Multi Mega Watt Wind Power Plants from Eviag AG

Eviag AG makes multi mega watt wind turbines such as the ev90 wind power plant that produces 2.5 mega watt of power. The rotor diameter of the wind turbine is 90 meters. At hub height, the survival wind speed of the wind turbine is 59.5m/s. The cut-in and cut-out wind speed of the wind power plant is 3.5 and 25m/s, respectively.

The ev90 multi mega watt wind turbine features three blades in the rotor. The rotor rotates at a speed range of 10.4 to 18.1rpm. The swept area of the rotor is 6,362 square meter. The drive train of the wind power plant features rigid moment bearing. The gearbox of the drive train features two-stage planetary gear. The ev90 wind tower is equipped with an indirect DC link converter. The multi mega watt wind power plant features 117, 141 or 160 meter lattice tower.

The ev90 wind turbine has asynchronous generator with slipring, with nominal voltage of 690 volts. The brake system of the wind power plant features an electric pitch that is fail safe and triple redundant. The mechanical brake of the wind tower is hydraulic and active. The wind turbine, manufactured by Eviag AG, has noise prediction of 104.6 decibels. The yaw system of the ev90 wind power plant has four brake calipers, hydraulic disc brake, ball bearing, four drives, organic material brake lining, gearbox with four-step planetary gear, and asynchronous motors.

Source: http://www.eviag.com

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