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FCTZ47-1500-18C High Pressure Solar Water Heaters from Solar2renewableenergy by Fortune CP

Solar2renewableenergy by Fortune CP manufactures various models of solar water heaters including high pressure series water heaters. The FCTZ47/1500-18C high pressure solar water heater consists of 18 vacuum tubes. The volume of the solar water heater is 150 liters. This solar water heater is suitable for places that experience freezing temperatures.

FCTZ47/1500-18C High Pressure Solar Water Heater

The water or a heat transfer fluid, which is nonfreezing, is circulated through the water heater’s collectors and heat exchanger.  The pressure from the cold water determines the flow rate of the hot water. If the tap water pressure is high, the hot water flow rate will be strong. The inner tank of the FCTZ47/1500-18C high pressure solar water heater is made of stainless steel. The outer tank is available in aluminum zinc coated steel, painted steel or stainless steel models.

The FCTZ47/1500-18C high pressure solar water heater is featured with 50, 60 or 65mm thick polyurethane insulation. The stainless steel reflector of the solar water heater has aluminum component with AL99.85 percent surface oxidation. Each vacuum tube of this water heater measures 1500mm in length and 47mm in diameter. The high pressure solar water heater, offered by Solar2renewableenergy by Fortune CP, covers an area of 2.25 square meters. The gross weight of the solar water heater is 66kg. As an option, controller, circulating pump, electric heater element, regulator valve and relief valve are also provided with the water heater.

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