Tulsi-Hybrid Solar Cooking Ovens from Sundance Solar

Sundance Solar provides a range of solar powered products such as the solar cooking oven. The Tulsi-Hybrid solar cooking oven, supplied by the company, is a portable model. It is equipped with a tough one piece reflector panel that gives 95 per cent reflection. This solar oven has a suitcase design that protects its internal parts like a clamshell.

Tulsi-Hybrid Solar Cooking Ovens

Unlike common solar ovens, which have a single paned window and single rubber seal, the Tulsi-Hybrid solar cooking oven features a double paned oven window and double rubber oven seals. The solar cooker, offered by Sundance Solar, has a large cooker chamber that can accommodate four different dishes at the same time. When there is a need for higher temperature cooking, the Temp Booster reflector can be attached to the solar oven. In case of insufficient solar power, the solar oven can be operated by the electric back-up system. This back up system utilizes about 75 per cent less power when compared to a standard house oven.

The Tulsi-Hybrid solar cooking oven offers three different operations - solar, electric, and a combination of the two. When the solar and electric combination is used, the solar oven will switch to electric when clouds block the sun. The body of the solar cooker is made of fiber reinforced plastic that is UV resistant. The tray is made of aluminum and coated with black paint to absorb more solar heat. The dimensions of the Tulsi-Hybrid solar cooking oven are 540 x 540 x 200mm.

Source: http://store.sundancesolar.com

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