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Carbon Processing in Rivers is a Bigger Component of Global Carbon Cycling

Scientists Find Unexpected Chemical Behavior on Catalyst Surface

EPA Increases Overall Volume of Renewable Fuels Blended into Transportation Fuels

Metabolix Develops Advanced Industrial Oilseed Crop to Produce biofuel

Developing Technology Making Wind Power as Reliable as Conventional Power

IPL Begins Construction on 200 Megawatt Wind Power Farm

Visions for Sustainable Energy Future

Visions for Sustainable Energy Future

Constellation Energy Signed Agreement to Improve Energy Efficiency

Natural Processes Prevent Oceans from Warming

More Carbon Lost than Gained When Converting Land for Biofuels Crops

Findings Have Major Implications for Climate Change Policy

Generating Electricity from Walking

First Environmentally Powered Robotic Vehicle Flown Through the Ocean

Biofuels Bring Immediate and Long-Term Environmental Benefits

Wind Circulation Linked to Global Warming

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