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2007 Melt Extent on Greenland Ice Sheet Broke the 2005 Summer Melt Record

New Model Explains How Plants and Soils Interact with Changing Atmosphere and Climate

New Model on Bio-Exploration - Sustainable and Non-Exploitive Research in Developing World

Studies Predict Wetter Storms for the Arctic and Northern Hemisphere Due to Global Warming

Fuel Cell Power Units Replaces Hot and Noisy Generator in a War Zone

High-Rise Apartments with Integrated Greenhouses

Wind Turbines - An Increasingly Popular Source of Green Energy

Research Suggests No Connection Between Environmental Crises and Armed Conflict

2007 as the Seventh Warmest Year on Record Dating Back to 1850

Reliability of Climate Model Raises New Concerns

ExxonMobil Seeking Approval to Create Gateway to Global Supplies of Clean-Burning Natural Gas

Aerospace Innovation Forum with the Environment on the Agenda

SonnenEnergy Breaks New Ground on 10-acre Solar Power Park

Converting Waste Heat into Electricity

UN Highlights Role of Earth Observation Satellites in Combating Climate Change

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