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Water Purification and Desalination Videos

Water Purification and Desalination Videos

Aquareed's New AP-7000 In Action

Take a look at the new cleaning concept designed by Aquaread! All sensors are cleaned, and the brushes are easily replaceable.

Aquaread and 'Just a Drop' Join Forces

Aquaread has recently become partners with the 'Just a Drop' clean water initiative. Here is just some of the good work that they do.

Calibration of Aquaprobe from Aquaread

See how easy it is to calibrate the AP-1000 Aquaprobe in this quick video. Calibrations are performed using Rapidcal & pH4.01 solution along with Zero & 100% calibrations for Dissolved Oxygen.

The World's First Solar Powered Desalination Plant in India

This video details the world's first solar powered desalination plant. It used solar power to convert brackish saline water with little use into potable water using reverse osmosis. Since 2006 the plant has been producing 600l/h.

Operation and Capabilities of the GPS Aquameter from Aquaread

This video from Aquaread shows the features and operation of the GPS Aquameter and AP-800 Aquaprobe. The in-built GPS makes this unit ideal for taking measurements in the field and allows the user to log details of where measurements were taken and can interface with Google Earth/Maps.

Industrial Wastewater Treatment with Saltworks Technologies

Saltworks Technologies is changing the way the world looks at industrial wastewaters.

Using Sunlight to Distill Water

A demonstration using solar energy to create potable water from a swamp. In this experiment using home made components and a fresnel lens

Timelase of Making the SaltMaker Evaporator Crystallizer

Saltworks’ latest SaltMaker Evaporator Crystallizer is currently being built for a mine in Northern Canada. The versatile brine concentrator is taking shape in our production factory in Richmond, British Columbia.

Environmental Solutions for Industry

Anguil Environmental provides highly engineered environmental equipment and service solutions helping clients solve complex industrial air and water challenges across the global.

Saltworks Flex EDR - Reduce EOR Costs Using Next-Generation Produced Water Treatment

Saltworks’ Flex EDR plant returns to our factory after a successful desalination test at an oil field in Alberta. CEO Ben Sparrow and Derek Mandel, our Director of Technology, provide a walking through tour of the pilot plant, the pre-treatment process, and we share a brief timelapse of the pilot setup process.

Timelapse of ZLD Plant Installing the SaltMaker Evaporator Crystallizer

Saltworks’ SaltMaker Evaporator Crystallizer was shipped last year to a waste-to-energy site in Canada and has been running ever since. Our site crew captured this timelapse of the entire installation process.

Just a Drop Campaign Aims to Bring Clean Drinking Water to Developing Nations

This short video from Aquread highlights the problems of developing countries and their need for clean drinking water. Something that many of us take for granted is in fact not commonly available in some places. The efforts of the "Just a Drop" campaign to both raise awareness of the problem and what they are doing to solve the problem in inspirational.

How to Calibrate the AP-1000 Water Quality Tester form Aquaread

This instructional video from Aquaread demonstrates how easy it is to calibrate the AP-1000 Aquaprobe water quality tester which can measure properties such as dissolved oxygen, pH, turbidity and depth

GPS Aquameter & AP-800 Aquaprobe- High Performance Multiparameter Water Quality Testing from Aquaread

A detailed introduction to the GPS Aquameter and AP-800 Aquaprobe from Aquaread. This video shows how easy the meter is to use and reveals the electrodes within the Aquaprobe