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Environmentally Friendly Consumer Items Videos

Environmentally Friendly Consumer Items Videos

Review of the Solar Powered Global Sun Oven

Review of the solar powered Global Sun Oven by Bob the Self Reliance Guy

SMAC Technologies Energy Efficient, Low Cost Air Conditioning

SMAC Technologies’ Shaw Method of Air Conditioning (SMAC) is a patented and proven highly energy efficient, low costing air conditioning (AC) technology with results from over 40 installations showing reduced AC energy consumption of between 30% and 85%.

Producing Bamboo Flooring and Facts about Bamboo

An introduction to bamboo as a building material is provided. The use of bamboo as a flooring material is discussed and the process of producing bamboo flooring is shown.

The Lifeport Modular Solar Powered Garage System

The Lifeport solar kit. This kit from Envision Solar is a turnkey solution that can be used for car ports, garages or small buildings such as home offices. This solar powered kit also features steel frames made from recycled steel.

Solar Powered Bags for Powering Portable Electrionc Devices

A range of solar powered bags incorporating solar panels and battery, made from recycled materials that can power portable electronic devices.

Green Car of the Year and Environmentally Friendly Gift Ideas

Zaproot take a look at the Green Car of the Year, the Chevy Tahoe Hybrid. They also provide some green gift ideas such as filtered water alternatives, a three wheeled hybrid vehicle, solar powered LED garden lights, a can crusher made from recycled materials, an environmentally produce Belgian beer and solar powered backpack.

Automated Mobile Robot With the Vocus CI-TOF

Whether deployed in warehouses, hospitals, office buildings, cleanrooms, or other indoor spaces, automated self-governing mobile robots provide an efficient and effective solution for surveillance and monitoring applications.

DrainWave Low Flow Water Technology

The Drainwave is a simple device that can be installed in any house that enables the use of low flow water appliances such as ultra-low flush toilets.