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Wind Power Videos

Composite Materials Help to Reduce Enviromental Impact

Bronwyn Fox, a senior lecturer at Deakin University tells us about the the importance of composite materials in the areas of aerospace, automotive and alternative energy. In particular how they have been used to create lighter weight parts which reduces the impact on the environment.

Rooftop Wind Turbine Design

A new concept in rootop wind turbines. Once developed, the estimaged cost will be $700 per unit, with 5 units being enough to power a typical house.

Creating a Offshore Wind Park Using the Windflip Installation Vessel

Computer simulation of how the windflip offshore wind turbine installation vessel works to create an offshore wind park.

Optimizing Wind Turbine Design

A short video beautifully demonstrating how wind turbine design is optimized.

Lend Lease Ventures Involvement in Clean Technology

Anthony Pascoe, CEO of Lend Lease Ventures tells us about their $100m investment fund that focuses on clean technology. He goes on to explain why Lend Lease is interested in this arena, in particular the areas of energy, water and building technologies and why they are investing in emerging growth companies with viable commercial technologies.

Trailer for the movie 'Fuel'

Trailer for the movie 'Fuel', which covers the future of biofuels, wind turbines and more. This movie can be watched for free on Youtube.

The Enesco/FPL Wind Farm in Tehachapi California

The Enesco/FPL Wind Farm in Tehachapi California in action.

Telecoms Powered by "Vertical Axis" Wind and Solar Solution in Île Ouen, New Caledonia

The hybrid wind and solar system designed by UGE and Self Energy Pacific exceeds performance expectations, facilitating communication services during difficult conditions without diesel generator backup.

Zero Carbon Australia 2020 Stationary Energy Plan

This video by Zero Carbon Australia discusses the plan to repower Australia with 100% Renewable Energy in order to combat climate change and safeguard Australia's environment for generations to come.

Washington - Leading the Clean Technology Revolution

This video shows how Washington is becoming a green state. They feel that they are leading the clean technology revolution both with the development of technologies and initiatives, as well as their commitment to reducing energy consumption, reducing their carbon footprint and developing alternative energy sources. The commitment extends from government, right through to industry, where they are looking to develop technologies for sale to the rest of the world.

Failure of a Wind Turbine

Wind turbine self destructing

The Mayflower Resolution Offshore Wind Farm Construction Vessel

Ever wondered how an offshore wind farm is constructed out at sea? Well here is the Mayflower Resolution, a vessel that is used in the construction of offshore wind farms.

Rooftop Installation of an Everwind 10kW Maglev Wind Turbine

Rooftop installation of an Everwind 10kw magnetically levitated wind turbine

New Wind Turbine Design that Utilises Gravity

Professor Seamus Garvey shows us the scale of his very large wind turbines. Using a different technology which also utilises gravity, the design calls for very large blade lengths to work properly. He also compares his scheme to conventional wind turbines.

A Home Made Wind Power Generator

An engineering student describes how he has built a system to create usable electricity from wind power.