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Solar Energy and Photovoltaics Videos

Solar Energy and Photovoltaics Videos

The Science behind Solar Cells

The science behind how a solar cell works is provided in this video. Starting form the production of pure silicon, to the doping of silicon to produce a semiconductor, through to the conversion of solar energy into electricity.

Photovoltaic Systems - How They Work

This video explains how solar energy is created and compares this to conventional electricity. The various components of a solar power system are explained including photovoltaic cells, inverters and batteries. The benefits domestic solar energy systems are also explained.

The Solar One Power Plant in Nevada

The Solar One Power Plant in Nevada

SolMax Efficient Solar Concentrator

The SolMax combines existing roofing and solar products to produce a cheap, efficient solar concentrator that can be retrofitted and delivers heat, cooling and electricity to commercial premises at the lowest cost.

Bluglass Technology for Producing High Efficiency Solar Cells

Bluglass was originally established to commercialise a low cost technique for producing LEDs. The technology involves the Remote Plasma Chemical Vapour Deposion (RPCVD) process for producing gallium nitride films. This low temperature process can also be applied to the production of photovoltaics, where their process can be used to produce films with a higher indium content, wich can effectively boost the efficiency of the solar cells.

A Look at The World's Largest Solar Power Plant - Salana

A look at the proposed Solana power plant which will be the worlds largest. The plant will be located just outside of Phoenix, Arizona, cost in excess of $1billion, produce 280MW of power and is scheduled to for completion in 2011.

How Solar Cells Work

This educational video explains how solar photovoltaics work, how they create electricity from solar energy, and how photovoltaics actually produce electricity. It them goes on to how the system produces electricity for domestic consumption and how excess electricity can be sold back to the grid. Also shown are the various different types of solar panels that can be used in an installation.

Solar Powered Bags for Powering Portable Electrionc Devices

A range of solar powered bags incorporating solar panels and battery, made from recycled materials that can power portable electronic devices.

Metal Oxide Energy Storage (MOES)

The Calcination Energy Storage system provides an energy storage solution that combines conventional molten salt technology with the chemical dissociation reaction of lime calcination to deliver an order of magnitude increase in energy storage capacity per unit volume.

Daniel G. Nocera Talks About His Latest Work On Solar Energy

An interview with the Professor of Energy and Chemistry at MIT, Daniel G. Nocera. Here he talks about his latest work on artificial photosynthesis and the upcoming Rio+20 conference in Brazil. To here more about this and how you can get involved, please see the AZoCleantech interview with Dr. Hans Herren


Demonstration of How a DIY Solar Kit Can Power Electrical Devices

Demonstration of a 45W DIY solar training kit purchased off Ebay can be used to power some small electrical devices and in the process illustrates how a larger system could be used to power a house.

The World's First Solar Powered Desalination Plant in India

This video details the world's first solar powered desalination plant. It used solar power to convert brackish saline water with little use into potable water using reverse osmosis. Since 2006 the plant has been producing 600l/h.

Time-lapse of a Kipp & Zonen SOLYS 2 sun tracker at a concentrating solar power plant

The SOLYS 2 tracks the sun and keeps the pyrheliometer pointing at the sun the whole day to measure direct irradiance. Two pyranometers measure global and diffuse solar radiation.

Modern Solar Domestic Solar Power Installations

Short promotional video from Moden Solar showing domestic solar energy installations.

YellowDot Energy Solar High-Flow Groundwater Extraction System

YellowDot Energy has developed Australia’s largest solar high-flow groundwater extraction system based on a proprietary control algorithm to operate the bore motor in such a way that we can achieve maximum possible shaft speed (and pumping volumes) given the available solar energy incident on the PV array at any moment in time.

Zero Carbon Australia 2020 Stationary Energy Plan

This video by Zero Carbon Australia discusses the plan to repower Australia with 100% Renewable Energy in order to combat climate change and safeguard Australia's environment for generations to come.

Cogen Microsystems Hybrid Solar Energy System

Cogen Microsystems is developing a hybrid solar energy system for household and commercial applications.

Kipp & Zonen's Corporate Video

Kipp & Zonen is the world-wide specialist in the measurement of solar radiation. We offer a range of instruments for the measurement of global, diffuse and direct radiation. This video shows our Passion for Precision.

Using Sunlight to Distill Water

A demonstration using solar energy to create potable water from a swamp. In this experiment using home made components and a fresnel lens

Washington - Leading the Clean Technology Revolution

This video shows how Washington is becoming a green state. They feel that they are leading the clean technology revolution both with the development of technologies and initiatives, as well as their commitment to reducing energy consumption, reducing their carbon footprint and developing alternative energy sources. The commitment extends from government, right through to industry, where they are looking to develop technologies for sale to the rest of the world.

Review of the Solar Powered Global Sun Oven

Review of the solar powered Global Sun Oven by Bob the Self Reliance Guy

Bluglass RPCVD Technology to Produce Solar Cells with Higher Conversion Rates

Giles Bourne from Bluglass tells us about their RPCVD (Reactive Plasma Chemical Vapour Deposition) technology that has the potential to produce solar cells with higher conversion rates. This will be achieved by increasing the indium content into the solar cells.

Taking a Leaf Out Of The Tree's Book-Artificial Photosynthesis

This video displays a revolutionary technology pioneered by the great Daniel G. Nocera, which aims to mimic the natural process of photosynthesis to harness sunlight and convert this to useable energy.

The Lifeport Modular Solar Powered Garage System

The Lifeport solar kit. This kit from Envision Solar is a turnkey solution that can be used for car ports, garages or small buildings such as home offices. This solar powered kit also features steel frames made from recycled steel.