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Biogas Videos

Electricity Production from Chicken Manure at Greenways Farm

Greenways Farm now runs their entire operation on biogas. This video shows how they scaled up an operation from a concept to produce more than enough electricity from chicken manure. This enabled the farmer to not only cut costs, but also feed electricity back into the grid, while at the same time producing fertilizer for his own fields.

Explanation of How an Electric Car Works

This video demonstrates how an electric car works and the differences between an electric car and a convention internal combustion vehicle.

The Ergenium Process for Producing Renweable Electricity and Heat from Naskeo

Ergenium is an innovative process developed by Naskeo Environment to generate renewable electricity and heat from organic, slaughterhouse waste and agricultural waste. The process is claimed to be up to 20% more efficient than other biogas processes.

How Biogas is Generated form Organic Waste Matter

This video shows organic waste matter is used to generate biogas. Biogas is a renewable energy source.