Videos | Australian Clean Technologies Competition 2012

Australian Clean Technologies Competition 2012 Videos

Australian Clean Technologies Competition 2012 Videos

Reducing Energy Use of Buildings: Rex Lehmann, SkyCool

Rex Lehmann, CEO of SkyCool, talks to AZoCleantech about innovative roof coating solutions and energy efficiency.

Energy Efficient Air Conditioning: Bill Ellul, Rotary Heat Exchangers

Bill Ellul, CEO of Rotary Heat Exchangers talks to AZoCleantech about reducing energy usage of air conditioning in buildings.

Volume Reduction Devices: John Cross, Recycling Solutions

John Cross of Recycling Solutions discusses volume reduction devices such as plastic bottle and can crushers with AZoCleantech.

Predicting The Future: Dr Don Perugini, Intelligent Software Development (ISD)

Dr Don Perugini, Director of Intelligent Software Development (ISD), talks to AZoCleantech about the environmental need for predictive models and how accurate these can hope to be.

Energy Network Managment: Phil Blythe, GreenSync

Phil Blythe, from GreenSync discusses managing peak demand for energy networks with AZoCleantech.

Australian Clean Technologies Competition 2012

The Australian Clean Technologies Competition was launched in 2011 as a way to identify the best ways of addressing the challenges of climate change and sustainability and for the development of businesses in Australia. The 2012 competition was launched in May and provides another opportunity for Australian cleantech companies to develop their businesses further.

Solar Heating and Cooling: Robert Semmel, Smart Roof Australia

Robert Semmel from Smart Roof Australia talks to AZoCleantech about solar heating and cooling solutions

Domestic Water Efficiency: Nick Christy, CINTEP

Nick Christy from CINTEP talks to AZoCleantech about sustainable solutions for domestic water and energy efficiency

Sustainable Ceiling Fans: Mark Lewis, Aeratron

Mark Lewis from Aeratron discusses energy efficient fans and building energy efficiency with AZoCleantech.

Utilising Fresh Air: Christopher Matthews, Silence Air International

Christopher Matthews of Silence Air International talks to AZoCleantech about bringing fresh air into buildings with minimal noise and energy consumption.

Sustainable Transportation: Dr. Raviprasad Krishnamurthy, nDure Technologies

Dr. Raviprasad Krishnamurthy from nDure Technologies discusses saving fuel costs within the transport industries with AZoCleantech.

Water Saving Devices: Robert Porter-Coote, H20 Organiser

Robert Porter - Coote, from H20 Organiser talks to AZoCleantech about their innovative water saving devices.

LEDs and Energy Efficiency: David Whitfield, enLighten

David Whitfield, CEO of enLighten, discusses the environmental benefits of LEDs with AZoCleantech.

Personalising Electricity Data: Murray Hogarth, Wattwatchers (Energy Saver Networks)

Murray Hogarth from Wattwatchers(Energy Saver Networks) discusses personalising electricity data and energy efficiency with AZoCleantech.

Green Building Software: Malcolm Lambert, Intresto

Malcolm Lambert from Intresto talks to AZoCLeantech about software solutions for the green building market.

Hydrokinetic Turbines: Douglas Hunt, Elemental Energy Technologies

Douglas Hunt from Elemental Energy Technologies talks to AZoCleantech about how to generate electricity from moving water.

Capturing Waste Kinetic Energy: Gareth Boytt, GenesisERT

Gareth Boytt from GenesisERT talks to AZoCleantech about capturing waste kinetic energy.

Green Building Technology: Daniel Kiraly, Casafico

Daniel Kiraly from Casafico talks to AZoCleantech about energy efficient green building technology.

Innovative Sustainable Products: Shane West, Environmental Sciences

Shane West of Environmental Sciences talks to AZoCleantech about the manufacture of innovative sustainable products such as ventilation systems.

Recycling Of Tyres: Michael Vainer,VR TEK Global Pty Ltd

Michael Vainer, Managing Director & CEO, VR TEK Global Pty Ltd, talks to AZoCleantech about the need for reprocessing end-of-life tyres and the unique VR TEK technology.

Sustainable Pallets: Laurence Dummett, Biofiba

Laurence Dummett of Biofiba talks to AZoCleantech about using natural organic matter to form a timber substitute for pallets.

Sustainable Software: Deb Noller, Switch Automation

Deb Noller from Switch Automation talks to AZoCleantech about their new software platform that sits over the top of all the physical hardware in a building.

Combining Solar Energy And Renewable Gas:Martin De Silva, ELE Australia

Martin De Silva from ELE Australia discusses combining solar energy and renewable gas to provide energy and heating with AZoCleantech.