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U.S. Increases Energy Efficiency Standards for Residential Furnaces & Boilers

New Report Highlights Essential Role of Renewable Energy Generation in Achieving Zero Carbon Homes

Verenium Explores Bacterial Genes Inside Termite Guts

European Project on Future CO2 Technology

Are Current Projections of Climate Change-Impacts on Biodiversity Misleading?

Reading News Online Saves Environment

Connected Wind Farms More Cost Effective

Engaging the Environment, Engaging the Future

Understanding History of Human Interaction with Nature Can Help Manage Global System

Long-Term Climate Change May Ultimately Lead to Wars and Population Decline

Camelina-Based Biodiesel Agreement Ushers in New Era for Biofuel-Specific Feedstocks

Could Nuclear Power be the Answer to Fresh Water Supplies?

Novel Thermoelectric Materials For Cooler Applications

British Scientists Help China With Carbon Capture and Storage

Michigan Technological University and Michigan State University Team Up to Develop Renewable Biofuels Industry in Michigan

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